How to Find a Fuck Buddy the Right Way

There are many ways to do things in life. There are, of course, the right ways and there are the wrong ways. Unfortunately, when it comes to physical issues and romantic issues, guys often insist on doing things in the worst way possible. Not surprisingly, things end up blowing up in their face and they only have themselves to blame.


I wish this was something theoretical. I wish this was something that happens once in a blue moon. Unfortunately, this happens all the time. The reason why this is the case is because most guys are quite short-sighted as far as their emotional lives are concerned. They think that if they have some sort of need, they just need to get out there and grab whatever comes their way. In other words, they’re lazy.


As a result, they try to convert their existing friends into friends with benefits. This almost always ends up with tears, not laughter. I wish it was the other way. I wish it ended up completely different, but nine times out of ten, it ends up with unnecessary tragedies. Why is this tragic? Well, these are your friends.


These are people you’ve invested a lot of time with. These are relationships that have comforted you when you were down. These are relationships that have given you tremendous amount of emotional support throughout the years. It really would be a shame to piss all of this away just because you decided to develop a friend with a benefit. Do you see where I’m going with this?


So, do yourself a big favour. If you’re looking for a fuck buddy, you need to do it the right way, start by registering on In other words, you need to set things up from the get-go. You have to develop the relationship from the beginning with that in mind. Otherwise, this is simply not going to work out.

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