Nude Amateur Beach Gallery

nude amateur galleryWho doesn’t love summer? The sun, the beaches, the waves, everything. I love it especially for the wild girls finding an excuse to flaunt their bodies. That’s why I’m into nude amateur porn on those nude amateur beaches. I know there are notorious nude amateur beaches you could peak at and see wonders. That’s where I had my own taste of nude amateur porn.

I came to a beach I’ve been hearing from my connections. I’ve been coming there form time to time. It was beautiful and secluded. Perfect for the purpose. I’d choose a hiding spot and hope for the best. Just when I was losing hope, it happened.

A crew was set up and I earned myself a front row seat to an awesome show.

As the guy started kissing her, my focus locked in. It was like I was watching my own private porn show. With every touch he gave I started to harden. I rubbed my cock nude amateur gallerythrough my shorts and started to moan softly. I didn’t need to worry about making noise when they were going to make a racket, right?

I pulled my cock out. As he started playing with her tits, I started playing with my cock. Through all the foreplay, I’d slowly pump my girth with my fist. Soon he slipped in her and she moaned low, making a shiver run down my spine. I matched their speed, slow at first then alternating at random speeds. She’d meet his thrusts and I was hypnotized at the sight of her tits moving as they did. As she got louder, I pumped harder, letting more audible moans escape as she would, hoping no one would hear me. I was so close when suddenly she looked my way. I didn’t know if she could see me but I didn’t care. I acted like we were fucking as she was locked on my direction, moaning louder and louder. My cock started pulsing and as she cried out signaling her orgasm, I groaned loud as well, shooting my spunk at a random direction.

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