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nude asian modelAmateur fucks are good especially when you have a hot nude sexy model. Each clip I have of amateur fucks with nude sexy stars never fail to get me off. Plus I have this thing for Asians — how they moan, how they whimper, how innocent they seem. Their dark hair, their eyes, their cute and perky tits, and slim bodies. Goodness, who wouldn’t want to tap that and have a taste?

Just like Kairi. She was popular at my favorite site. She’d be in all these costumes and she was one of the chosen few that could look cute, hot and seductive all at the same time. And it was just my luck that she was interested in me too.

We’ve talked for a few weeks. Heck, we’ve masturbated to each other on cam. Needless to say we have this sexual bond. We exchanged details and after a few days more we finally met to fuck.

nude asian model The lighting was soft and she was wearing a short dress with killer heels. No matter how slutty her outfit would’ve looked on other women, somehow, she still looked cute and sweet. Slowly we undressed each other and found ourselves kissing and making out. I reached to fondle her tits. They were smooth and soft. I sucked on them tenderly and her soft moans made me harder quicker than usual. Her small soft hands grasped at my cock and started to jack it off. Soon, I was as hard as I could get and she was sopping wet. I slipped my cock in slowly. Fuck, she had a really tight pussy. I made my way in ’til my whole cock was inside and slowly started thrusting in and out. We got into a good pace and soon I was groaning while she was shrieking in pleasure. I drove in good and hard and when I felt her walls start to convulse around me I lost it. I pulled out and came all over her chest.

Round one down, more to go.

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Fucking Nude Amateur Women

nude amateur womenI love hardcore models and their nude amateur pictures. When I see the those hardcore models in their nude amateur pictures, baring it all, I can’t help but get all excited. What can I say? I like a woman who seems powerful when it comes to fucking.

Such a woman is Natasha. Natasha’s beautiful. Her pale skin was flawless and almost glowing. Her hair was dark and her eyes were intense. She had a beautiful pair of milky tits and a nice tight butt.

I took her to my place. We needed each other. We wanted to be smart and safe about sex though we were fucking horny. That’s what we had each other for.

We kissed, trying to gain dominance with our tongues, wanting to suck each other’s off. She kissed down my neck, lower and lower ’til she was just at my crotch. She unzipped my pants and let my cock out. She licked and lapped at it linude amateur womenke a kitten. She started sucking on the head and little by little, slowly but surely, I watched as my cock disappeared in her mouth. She started bobbing up and down my cock, it felt so damn good but I reluctantly stopped her. I let her position herself, straddling me. She took my cock, ran it though her slit, covering it with her juices and slowly let it slip up into her pussy. She started bouncing on my cock and I couldn’t help but moan and groan from what she was doing to me and what I was seeing. Her tits were bouncing before me, her faces was contorting in pleasure. I was at her mercy as she determined the depth, pace and force of our fucking. Faster and faster she went as she felt my cock pulse in her pussy walls. A loud cry left us and I pushed her off, jacking off in front of her and came all over her chest.

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Nude Amateur Photos For Me

nude amateur photosI’m really into nude amateur pics. You can always find me through a whole bunch of amateur xxx sites and through sharing so many nude amateur pics, I found my own amateur xxx encounter.

Her name was Mindy. Blond hair, blue eyes, a set of nice perky tits with little sweet pink nipples. She had a tiny waist, a fine ass and nice long slim legs. What can I say? The hot body plus the girl next door hidden sex addict vibe was irresistible to me.

She came over to my place, sweet as can be. We hung out, but we both knew what was on our minds while we chatted and ate lunch. Soon we were just sitting together, and in a split second we were lip-locked. We hastily started ripping each other’s clothes off, wanting to get at what we’ve wanted since we’ve laid eyes on each other.

nude amateur photos I started kissing at her neck, down to her tits. Licking and nibbling as she moaning softly. I took her hand and let it drift to my crotch where she obediently started jacking my cock off. I explored her mouth with my tongue again, as I let a hand drift down to her pussy to play with it like she did with my cock. I was lingering at her pussy lips before I slipped two fingers in slowly, before working at her clit with my thumb. She started thrusting reflexively, fucking my hand as I sucked on her tongue. I started fucking her with my hand harder ’til she was arching her back and thrashing a little. Soon she was yelling with her orgasm and as she came back down from it, she knew it was my turn. She worked on my cock faster, jacking it off into her mouth. She sucked furiously and went deep on me. Trying to deepthroat me quickly. My cock started pulsing. I couldn’t hold back longer and with a loud gasp, I came in her mouth. I took a picture of the cum in her mouth before she swallowed it all.

Good times, good times.

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Nude Indian Model Fun

nude indian modelI love a good nude amateur ass on those desperate amateur models. I always think of holding onto amateur models by the hips and watch her ass as I fuck her pussy from behind.

Such is my tale with Czarina. Czarina was a beautiful amateur Indian model. Her skin was golden tan, her hair was dark, her eyes were piercing and her body was just a work of art. Her tits were a beautiful perky set and her ass was a beautiful toned shape.

She took good direction and I could still remember our first fuck.

We were having a fling and she was staying over my place for a few days. She came back after shopping and guess what she has in her bags?


She tried each thing she got and modeled them for me and with each number, I just grew harder and harder, especially since she thought it’d be “cute” if she wore the highest pair of heels she owned, making her look amazing. By the end of it, I couldn’t hold myself down. I was a horny man and I needed to fuck. I jump on her and we just started making out, our tongues fighting for dominance as my hands focused on her tits and her hands focused on getting me naked.

I was an animal, possessed. I got her on all fours and bent over her, kissing her neck, squeezing and tweaking her nipples, making her whimper. I ran my cock up and down her slit and with a swift shove, we both groaned from the tight fit. She was wet alright, but still, she was tight, and I loved every bit of it.nude indian model

I stared pumping slow at first, letting us get used to each other so we don’t drive off the deep end too soon. As I sped up, she started meeting my thrusts, thrusting back. I squeezed her tits tenderly, tweaking, pulling and playing with her nipples again. We couldn’t resist each other. I drove in her faster, pistoning in and out like a dog. Her pussy walls started convulsing, my cock pulsing with them too. We were yelling and moaning loud. I pulled out and came all over her ass.

Damn, I love fashion shows.

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Nude Amateur Galleries For Me

nude amateur galleriesI love a good number of nude amateur videos and by a good number, I mean I LOVE watching a LOT of nude amateur videos. I’m not one to let a good amateurs fuck pass me by. I go for amateurs fuck clips like a dog wants meat and I actually have my own little personal gallery, all thanks to Tiff.

Tiff’s your average regulation hottie. Dark hair, beautiful glowing skin, nice jugs and an ass anyone would love to tap.

She isn’t the most innocent either.

And that’s where our story takes off.

I had to stop by her house to take some papers to her since she called in sick.

I got there, things were awfully quiet and I was about to knock when I heard whimpering. I felt alarmed! I crept stealthily around the backyard where the noise was coming from. I rolled up my sleeves, bracing for attack and when I jumped in, I was shocked with what I found.

Tiff, not sick at all, fingers up her pussy and eyes wide.

“Well, you don’t look sick… at least the kind of sick you made yourself out to be this morning” I told her.

“I’m sorry. Please don’t tell anyone about this. I just needed a break… I’m under so much stress. Please… I… I’ll do anything you want. Just keep this between us” she pleaded.

So I gave my conditions and we ended up at my place, taking raunchy photos of her for my private collection of things to jack off to when I can’t get a decent fuck.

It was all as innocent as it could get, but I was getting hard and my pants were tenting. Tiff saw this and I thought she would let it go but she actually did a little extra for me.

She got on her knees saying “oooh, what do we have here?” She unzipped my fly and my cock bounced up, hardening. “Fuck, I never knew you were packing big…” she told me.

nude amateur galleries She started kissing the tip, licking, swirling her tongue at whatever way she could, along my cock’s length, even up to my balls. She started sucking tenderly on my sack, jacking off my girth gently. “Ohhhh Tiff…” I groaned. I started playing with her tits, making her nipples hard, and making her groan as well. Its vibrations through my prick drove me wild.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I’ve been hard the whole shoot. “Tiff, I’m sorry but I gotta fuck your mouth” I told her. “Please do…” she said in a low and inviting voice.

I held her by her hair and started fucking her mouth slow at first but I couldn’t hold back long. I went faster and deeper in no time, only pausing every now and then when she’d gag on my stiff prick. I loved her throat around my cock. She was sucking me off and playing with my balls and I know I couldn’t last long. “Fuck Tiff… I’m cumming… I’m so close…” and with that she swatted me away and took my whole length in. The sight and sensation threw me over the edge. I came again and again, with jet after hot jet of sticky cum.

We ended up skipping work together the next day. But that story’s for another day.

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British Amateurs XXX

amateurs xxxI love hanging out in clubs. Sometimes people would believe anything and everything. That’s where I met Tanya, one of my british nude models, well, amateur model, but whatever. Yes, I “collect” my british nude models/amateur models at a certain club but what they don’t know is that I’m really just building my own private collection… That is until I get the proper motivation to release what I have, but that’s a whole different story.

Back to Tanya. She was hot. Flawless skin, brunette, blue eyes that just lit everything up, slim where needed, curvy where it counts, a nice set of milky tits and a fine toned ass.

We got to talking and after a little convincing, we ended up at her place with a few cameras set up.

I kissed her as she made way to undress us. Soon I was licking, sucking and biting gently at her tits. She unbuckles my pants and I hastily kick them off.

amateurs xxx I push her back, letting her lay back at the headboard of her bed, one of her legs hiked up on my shoulder. I ran my cock up and down her slit, making it slick with her juices. And with a swift thrust, I slipped in her sopping wet pussy, making us both groan low.

I started slow, playing her tits while I was at it, getting goosebumps from the faces she made as I fucked her. Didn’t take long for us to feel it was hard to hold back. Soon we were fucking faster, harder and deeper. I repositioned her legs and opened her up wide, going as deep as I could, making her arch her back and throw her head back in ecstasy. I drove in her like a dog. I felt my cock pulse as her pussy milked it. As we yelled out in climax, I pulled out, cumming all over her chest and tummy.

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Amateur Porn Movie

amateur porn movieI guess I’m pretty lucky in life. I do amateur xxx housewives nude flicks to pay some of the bills with my wife. That’s right, me and my wife have amateur xxx housewives nude films scattered about and by the looks of it, we’re a hit.

I’m not sure what it is about us but I remember the first time we got into it clearly.

“Jenny, have you ever thought of us making videos of ourselves having sex?” was the question that started it all. The next thing I knew we were setting up cameras and lights around our room.

We kissed. Slowly, one by one, articles of clothing littered the room. I sucked on her tits as she started rubbing on my crotch. I felt like a pornstar and the thought was making me hard fast. After a few nibbles and bites on her gorgeous tits, I let Jenny go down on me.

amateur porn movie She kissed along my cock’s length at first. Licking small, random spots, making me groan as she teased me. She popped my cock head in her mouth and swirled her tongue around it as she sucked on it. Fuck. My cock throbbed, wanting her to pleasure the rest. She licked down the length of the underside of my shaft, looking up at me with a devilish look, making me leak precum. I started thrusting my hips a little reflexively and she just grinned. She took more of my cock in, painfully slow. “Fuck Jenny, just fucking take me all, please!” I said, desperate, and on cue, she started bobbing her head back and forth on my shaft. Faster she went and deeper too. The feeling of my cock hitting the back of her throat and squeezing at it a little just made shivers run up and down my spine. I knew I was close. My cock was pulsing. “Je-JENNY! JENNY! OH FUCK! YES!” I yelled as jets of cum shot into her mouth. She swallowed it all and the clip was cut.

Needless to say we found people BEGGING for more since Jenny and I posted our first video.

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Directing our own amateur pornos

We were in my girlfriend’s room watching our weekly dose of amateur hardcore porn when she asked me if it will alright to film our own amateur pornos. I was very delighted with the idea. I have been planning to ask her about this but I was scared that she’ll think I see her only as a sex object. Well, she is, but aside from that, I love her. And she was giving me amazing sex for many months now. She was the one who introduced me to videos of amateurs fucking. I think she was right when she said that watching amateurs fucking is more intimate than hardcore ones.

One day, we decided to start filming our own videos. We have set up our video camera at the top of the dresser. We started our act by kissing passionately, and then we helped each other strip. I licked her large nipples and she shivered. I kissed her body down to her mound and gave her a tongue. She was screaming when I was finished with her. Then it was her turn. She ate my hard shaft and licked my balls. Then she slid my cock into her slit, and she rode me while I was holding her bouncing boobs. Her nails were digging my chest. She started moaning again and I can feel her mound tightening around my dick. I grabbed her hips and let her hump me fast. I felt her body vibrating with orgasm but I was not through yet. So, she licked my dick and slid it down her throat. She gave me a blowjob until I came inside her warm mouth. She swallowed my cum and licked my balls clean. I thought that was amazing, but when we reviewed our very first amateur hardcore, I realized, that was super!

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Ruined plan for nude amateur gallery addition

Amanda is my seventh girlfriend. She is a junior when she transferred to my school, I’m a year ahead. I’ll admit that I’m kinda playful with girls, but I was immediately drawn with Amanda the first time I saw her. I’m good-looking and has a nice body so girls just can’t resist me, so when I approached Amanda and asked if she wanted to be my girl, she almost fainted but still managed to say yes. On our first ‘date’, I brought her to our house. Of course, my parents weren’t there, or else, I’ll be dead by now. I fucked her and discovered that that was her first time. After the deed, I showed her my nude amateur gallery.  She was shocked when she saw the videos of me and my past girlfriends fucking. I told her that I like collecting nude amateur porn, and she said she was so ‘touched’ with my honesty. “Oh, I love you for that. Don’t worry, we’ll do our own nude amateur porn,” she said. We were on our second week when I let slip that I want to do it in a beach. “Wouldn’t that be awesome? A nude amateur beach video? Please babe, let’s do it this weekend” I said. And of course, with my charm she can’t resist, she agreed.

I picked her up that weekend night, I brought a thick blanket and my trusty video recorder. We went to my family’s beach house so we can have some privacy. I propped the camera on a tripod and spread the blanket over the sand. This nude amateur beach thing is really a first time for me, it made me so excited. My past girlfriends never agreed to things like this, for the fear of getting caught or something. But, I’m lucky, I have now a very adventurous girl for a girlfriend, who agrees with everything I want. Liz was wearing a white two-piece swimsuit. After some drinks, we decided to shoot our porn. We had sex right there at the sand. Liz is a fast-learner, even though her cherry was popped just a few days ago, she now know how to please me and can even do moves that really surprised me. After we have sex a number of times. I checked the video recorder just to discover that I forgot to press the record button. The bad thing is, the caretaker arrived so we were not able to shoot again. We decided to do it some other time, but I’ll make sure I’ll never forget to record the action again.

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