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Through this little hobby of mine I found Sam. Sam’s into the amateur stuff as well and after chatting so much, we got to meet at a motel. She was gorgeous.Dark hair, a beautiful face, creamy flawless skin, and a beautiful figure — slim in all the right places and curvy where it counts. It doesn’t hurt that she has huge tits either.

We kissed, made out, I played with her tits while she kissed my neck and when I’d suck on those soft mounds, she’d play with my cock. I fingered her, she got to jack me off and we even got to a round of 69. Now it was the moment we’ve been waiting for. I was hard as a rock and her pussy’s drenched from cumming when I ate her out and fingered her. I sat on the sofa and she faced away.nakedwives pics

She lowered herself on my cock and started bouncing away. I grabbed onto her tits, varying from being gentle and slightly naughty when I’d tweak, massage and pinch at her nipples. I loved hearing her moan, groan and gasp as we fucked. Harder and harder she fucked me, alternating speeds between slow and swift. She’d grind on my cock when she wasn’t bouncing on it. I held on her hips and started fucking up her pussy. I fucked her fast, making her shriek in pleasure. Another orgasm ran through her and she came on my cock. Her pussy walls convulsed around my throbbing cock. I pulled out, made her face me and came down her mouth and she swallowed it all happily.

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